Middle School

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Middle School

Head of Middle School, Mr Patrick Harmer

The Cardijn College Middle School is a key part of the school community.

Beginning with Year 8, the Middle School at Cardijn is unique in terms of its learning philosophy and curriculum. The transition to secondary school is made easier for students with a greater emphasis on student personal development programs – such as dealing with conflict, health, safety and relationships. A large emphasis is also placed on leadership development through a range of curriculum extension programs such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Middle School Forum, International Pedal Prix and an extensive sport program.

All students in Year 8 will be involved in testing for academic achievement and academic ability. Students will have access to academic counselling and parents will be informed of progress on a regular basis.

Teachers will provide in-class support for students. Students with additional needs can access the student Learning Centre which will assist the student in the management of their learning.

A number of special interest courses are available for students in Year 8. These include Advanced Music and Specialised Sport. Students with special abilities in these areas are encouraged to enrol in these courses.

For further information on the Middle School, contact the Head of Middle School, Mr Patrick Harmer on 8392 9500 or pharmer@cardijn.catholic.edu.au

Curriculum & Learning

The Middle School at Cardijn College aims to provide an exciting and dynamic experience of schooling for our students in Years 8 and 9.

Middle schooling is an educational approach that better caters for the physical, social, emotional, moral and cognitive needs of young people. It bridges the divide between primary and secondary education by extending students in this middle phase, equipping them with the skills to become independent learners and successful citizens in this new and ever-changing world.

Cardijn College is committed to best-practice middle schooling through an approach to teaching and learning that is student-centred, authentic, collaborative, developmental, and challenging.

The development of literacy and numeracy across all core subject areas is a key focus of the Middle School curriculum. Our dedicated teachers work collaboratively in teams and regularly attend professional development initiatives to ensure our curriculum delivery is relevant and responsive to adolescent culture and trends.
Programs in a range of subject and co-curricular areas focus on group dynamics, peer interaction and affirmation of achievement. Our students are encouraged to develop self-confidence through achieving success in significant events and to progressively develop a sense of who they are and of the personal, spiritual and social values which will become part of their life.

The core subjects on offer in our Middle School include the following:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Studies of Society and the Environment
  • Languages (Italian and Indonesian)
  • Physical Education

Religious Education takes place formally and informally through classroom lessons, prayer, reflective experiences and liturgy.

The curriculum also offers students the opportunity to engage in other areas through electives including:

  • Drama
  • Home Economics
  • Information Technology
  • Music
  • Technical Studies (Wood, Metal, Robotics)
  • Textiles
  • Visual Arts

Cardijn College is also proud to deliver a number of specialist programs in the Middle School. These are programs which build upon and extend the skills and attributes of many of our young people. They tap into your child’s talents, teach relevant skills, stretch traditional educational boundaries and help students reach their goals.

Cardijn College offers specialist programs in the areas of:

  • Advanced Music
  • Soccer Academy
  • Football Academy
  • Netball Academy

Our teachers play a critical role in each student’s success. They stimulate and challenge students to think beyond the next question and encourage them to take charge of the quality of their learning.
The College approach is to allow students in Years 8 and 9 the room to grow towards independence and to accomplish their developmental tasks in a caring, purposeful and challenging environment within well understood limits. We work together to give them the confidence and self-worth to effectively tackle the challenges of the more exclusively academic orientation of the senior curriculum.

Students are assigned to a homeroom within an house . Their homeroom teacher will be a significant person who will take a personal interest in each of the students in their care. The homeroom group will be the key group for learning.

For more detailed information about our curriculum, please download the 2017 Middle School Curriculum Handbook or contact Ms Natalie Paelchen.