Joseph Cardijn Scholarship

Applications for the 2020 Joseph Cardijn Scholarship are closed

About the Joseph Cardijn Scholarship

Cardijn College will award this scholarship to students enrolling in Year 7 in 2020. This scholarship will cover the tuition fees for the student for three years, up to and including Year 9.

Students will be able to apply in Year 9 for a three year Joseph Cardijn scholarship that will be awarded for students entering Year 10.


The Joseph Cardijn Scholarship is awarded to students who are high achievers in their academic pursuits. All applicants will be asked to sit a 45-minute general abilities test.

Marcellin Champagnat Scholarships

This is an annual scholarship offered to current students.
The criteria for this scholarship focuses on a student’s contribution to the College community.
Students who apply for this scholarship are asked to provide evidence of their community engagement and leadership.

Brother Walter Smith Scholarships

This scholarship is based on a family’s financial need. Families are welcome to apply for this scholarship by making an appointment with our Business Manager. Families may apply at any time during their child’s tenure at Cardijn College.