Year 7 2019

Ready for Year 7 2019!

Catholic Education South Australia has made a commitment to move Year 7 to secondary settings wherever possible. Currently, South Australia is the only state where Year 7s undertake their education in a primary setting.

This move will open up more diverse learning opportunities for young people.

Cardijn College is excited to welcome the first intake of Year 7 students to commence in 2019.

This means that for most students Year 6 will become the final year of primary schooling.

For more information regarding enrolments, please contact our Registrar, Mrs Michelle Gaffney.

Ph: 8392 9449 or email

Frequently asked questions

We believe young people are ready for the learning opportunities provided in a secondary setting. Access to specialist staff and facilities will promote a greater depth of learning, challenge and growth. At this age, socially and emotionally, young people are ready for more independence and can further their learning with specialist teachers in specialist facilities. Promoting Year 7 to secondary school places South Australia in line with the rest of the nation and allows us to fall in line with the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) which bands together Year 7 and Year 8.

The fees for Year 7 students commencing in 2019 are listed below:
Year Level Tuition Fee Composite Fee Total
Year 7 $2730 $1260 $3990

Family Discounts
  • Significant fee remissions for families on low income
  • 50% fee remissions for students eligible for School Card
Families who do not qualify for School Card, but who feel they would have difficulty in meeting the fee payment requirements due to their circumstances, may also qualify for partial fee remission. Please contact the Business Manager Mr Johnny Ioannou on 8392 9500 to arrange an appointment to discuss your situation. All discussions and arrangements are in the strictest confidence.
For further financial information applicable to 2018, please visit our website.

At Cardijn College, all students study Religious Education, English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education. Students also study electives from the Arts learning area (Art, Drama, and Music) and the STEM learning area (IT, Robotics, Inspire and Technology) throughout the year. 

Year 7 students will be a part of a strongly ingrained House system, which assists in the pastoral care of students. This system allows students to develop a sense of belonging and identity and build relationships outside their regular classroom.
Within our House system, Year 7 students will have a Homeroom Teacher who they will see at the beginning of every school day. These teachers will mentor students to assist in their holistic development, their relationship with their faith, their social skills and their involvement in the community. 

The unique structure at Cardijn College is based on our very successful House system. Each of our seven Houses have dedicated school buildings where students meet daily for pastoral care and homeroom. Students in Year 7 and 8 will have dedicated homeroom teachers who teach the class for a number of subjects in their specialist area. Year 7 and 8 learning areas during the day will be co-located in the main part of the school with their own exclusive breakout and outdoor area.

Two key teachers will work closely with one class to deliver a combination of the core subjects, while a number of specialist teachers will deliver subjects that are not delivered by the key teachers.

There will be positive interaction between Year 7 students and older Year 12 students. On the first day of school, Year 7 students will be given a Year 12 buddy from their House who welcomes them to the College, takes them for a guided tour and is available to mentor and support them in their transition. This is a benefit of the House system where new students are immediately given a sense of belonging and are welcomed into the College. 
Our senior students are extremely excited about having more students at Cardijn and are excellent role models for our younger students. However, the learning environment will be designed to include a dedicated Year 7 and 8 co-located learning space and therefore it is more than likely that the majority of their interaction will be with students in these year levels.

If you are interested in enrolling your child at Cardijn College, visit the Request a Prospectus page and fill in your details to receive a prospectus via email or post.

For further information please contact our Registrar, Mrs Michelle Gaffney on
Phone: (08) 8392 9449

After receipt of your application, an interview will be arranged with the Principal or his delegate at an appropriate time.

Cardijn does not have an Out of School Hours Care (OSHC). Homework Club is a supervised activity which is offered Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 3.30-4.45pm in the College library. During this time, there are teachers on hand who can assist students with their studies and academic development. The College library is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 4pm on Friday. Students are always welcome to access the library during these times. 

Cardijn takes great care and pride in its induction and transition of new students entering the College and works in partnership with parents and caregivers to make this process smooth and effective.
This transition process includes:
  • Cardijn Immersion Days for students at our Catholic partnership schools whereby students come with their primary school teacher/s and experience a day of lessons utilising the Cardijn facilities and specialist learning areas.
  • Incoming Year 7 students from other schools will have an opportunity to spend a day at Cardijn through the Day at Cardijn program. 
  • The Cardijn Transition Day will see incoming Year 7 students visit Cardijn College and spend the day at Cardijn. On this day, our current students will not be on campus and the incoming Year 7 students will have the opportunity to find out their House group, meet their House Leader, meet some of their potential teachers and meet the students who will be in their Year 7 class. This day provides a fantastic opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the College environment and feel comfortable about beginning high school, before the summer holidays begin.
  • On the first day of Year 7, students will be partnered with Year 12 students within their House to buddy up with students. Year 12 students will welcome the Year 7s into their House group and take them on a tour of the College, whilst providing insights and role modelling to assist these transitioning students. The Year 12 students will then begin their regular classes, and the Year 7 students will have a chance to meet their teachers, reacquaint themselves with their peers and become comfortable before the entire student body begins on day 2.
Parents and caregivers are actively engaged in this process and there will be a number of Parent Information Nights and New Parent Nights held to assist in developing this important partnership.

Yes. Cardijn has a great relationship with our uniform supplier Lowes clothing outlets. Lowes have begun preparation for smaller sizes to accommodate our Year 7 students.

Yes, Year 12 students will become buddies to our Year 7 students on their first day. These Year 12 students will be from the same House as the Year 7 students and will be provided with opportunities throughout the year to further develop this mentoring relationship.

All year 7 students will engage in the weekly personal development curriculum promoting positivity, collaboration, self-confidence and resilience. This program also includes two days offsite where students participate in group challenges developing skills in teamwork and communication whilst fostering a sense of camaraderie amongst the year level.