Online Canteen

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Online Canteen


The Cardijn College canteen is ONLINE!

  • Place lunch orders online up to 4 weeks in advance (up to 9am on the day)
  • Top-up the account using VISA/MasterCard (or with cash at canteen window)
  • View your transaction history online
  • List allergies to alert canteen staff

Cardijn College has teamed up with MunchMonitor to offer an easy to use online ordering system for parents and students.  Simply set up an account, submit your orders online and the canteen will deliver your child’s lunches as they always have.

How do I set up an account to order online?

  1. Go to
  2. Click REGISTER
  3. Enter School ID: cardijn and Password: munch5168 then click login
  4. Then follow the easy steps to sign up

STEP 1: Create a Parent Profile by entering information about yourself
STEP 2: Add your Students to your account
STEP 3: Transfer money to your account by clicking the Account Top-up button.
STEP 4: Click MY ORDERS and you’re ready to Order lunches!

Need more information?
Simply go to, enter the school username: cardijn and password: munch5168 & click FAQ for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.  Alternatively, send an email to