International Exchange

Japanese Exchange


Cardijn College has an established relationship with Osaka Seiko High School in Japan. Each year we are proud to host a delegation of Japanese students who have the chance to experience school and life in Australia.
This is a somewhat unique experience and the establishment of this relationship between two Catholic secondary schools builds on our engagement with Asia and fosters a genuine intercultural understanding of our northern neighbours.

Living with a host family during their stay in Adelaide students have the opportunity to live like a local and become immersed in the Australian culture.

The school day allows for the exchange student to experience education in an Australian context and to practice their English skills, while for our community it is a chance to broaden their understanding our the wider world and our relationships with others.

Chris Burrows
Director of Curriculum


China Study Tour


Cardijn goes to China!
Ten action-packed and fun-filled days of touring ensured our small group of nine students and two teachers from Cardijn College experienced the sounds, sights and smells of mainland China. Starting in Shanghai and moving north through Shandong Provence and finishing in Beijing we not only saw some world heritage listed places and sites of cultural significance including the Great Wall, Mt Tai,  Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, but our students were also involved in Cardijn’s first ever student delegation to our sister school in Jinan. The staff and students at Number 6 Middle School Licheng District welcomed us with open arms inviting us to participate in paper cutting and PE classes which the students and staff thoroughly enjoyed. Many students commented that the school visit was the highlight of the entire tour. The students were excellent international ambassadors for our College using their skills and smiles to communicate with their Chinese peers and engage with teachers despite some initial language barriers.

The Cardijn Group combined with a group of nine students and two teachers from Christian Brothers College (CBC) for the duration of the tour and this was also a great opportunity for our students to meet peers, make connections and share stories. Both schools enjoyed much fun and laughter over shared meals, long bus rides and more specifically an evening of karaoke! Overall the tour was a great success and a wonderful opportunity for our whole College community.  We hope that by participating in this experience, students have developed their knowledge and understanding of China and Asia while also developing life-long skills as global citizens.


Natalie Paelchen & Damian Hill                  
2014 China Study Tour Leaders  

Over the past year Cardijn College has developed homestay teacher program with Number 6 Middle School, Jinan, Shandong Province China. Through the support of the school and the CEO I was fortunate to be able to engage in this program which was a knowledge rich learning experience that allowed me to share a special relationship with our sister school.

The homestay teacher program enabled 11 teachers from Adelaide schools involved in the program to experience schools in the Lichung District, Jinan. I had the privilege to share my experience with a Year 9 English teacher who had a good level of English, lived close to the school and had assisted with translations in previous school visits.

Whilst at school I was involved in observing English lessons, teaching English lessons, practising correspondence in English and being involved in school activities such as a reading festival, a school camp, art lessons, calligraphy lessons, a tea ceremony and table tennis in the school yard. I was so warmly welcomed by the community, having a banquet dinner each night of my stay at the houses of teachers from the school as well as at a student’s home. This gave me greater insight into the Chinese way of life, their homes, food and culture. It was a rich and rewarding experience for myself and I found my host family were very honoured to have me, with a high level of hospitality, nothing was too much.

Over the Easter weekend I had the privilege of visiting two more schools, was treated to lunch in the home town of the headmaster of the school, walked up 1000 steps to a Buddhist temple in the mountains, went shopping and was treated to a Traditional Chinese Massage.

The trip also enabled me to explore Beijing and traditional Chinese culture and sights.

Sarah Kingisepp
Teacher of Studies of Asia

Italian Study Tour


On Thursday 28 November at 9.00pm, 17 weary travellers stepped off a plane at Adelaide airport to be greeted by friends and family. They had just completed the equivalent of a 24 hour journey traveling from Europe, through Dubai and back home to Adelaide.

This group of travellers of course were the inaugural Cardijn College Italian Immersion group who had travelled to Italy to help develop their Italian conversational skills and understanding of the Italian culture.
Having the privilege to travel with the group, I witnessed firsthand the incredible benefit a tour like this can have on both students and staff. The students were exposed to intensive language and cooking classes, informative tours and as part of their requirements needed to demonstrate their ability to converse with the local Italians.

It was amazing to see how as the tour continued the increase in the student’s confidence as they tested their ability to communicate and negotiate their way in a foreign country.

The itinerary was intensive. Starting with a few days in Rome, we then travelled to Sorrento where we visited Pompeii, made our way to the Tuscan country side and spent a few days at a farm house, visited Pisa, spent time in Florence at a language school and completed the tour in Venice; 17 amazing days!

I look forward to the College continuing with the immersion, and it is the intention to keep it going on a biannual basis. So if you are studying Italian in Year 8 or 9 presently, I could not more highly recommend the experience.

I would like to thank the students for their commitment, enthusiasm and excitement. It made for a great trip. I also would like to thank Ms Melissa Phillips and Mrs Eve Lovett for your vision, guidance and support, you were both truly inspirational.

Michael Wilcock
Deputy Principal