The Cardijn College Library offers excellent facilities to support students in their learning and personal interests. It provides a comfortable, quiet sanctuary for all students who wish to catch up on study, read the latest range of magazines and newspapers, books, graphic novels and look up relevant online information.

The Library provides an outstanding assortment of fiction and non-fiction books, which fosters the love of reading and supplements the broad curriculum offered at Cardijn College. The Library also offers readily available computer access including an extensive range of computer software, broad variety of periodicals and audio-visual materials, as well as online resources. Information literacy is a particular focus for all students in the Middle School and is carefully managed by the Library staff.

Importantly, the Library acts as a central hub for the display of the outstanding work produced by Cardijn College students.

The Library staff work closely with teachers to develop units of work and ensure that appropriate and new resources are always available. This includes traditional, as well as the latest in digital resources, helping to equip students with passion and skills for life long learning.

A separate Year 12 Study area is also available in the Library for all Year 12s to utilise.

The Library is open:

Monday to Thursday between 8.00am and 4.55pm (Friday until 4.00pm) including all recess and lunch times.