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The Rijken Cup

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The Rijken Cup was established in 2017 by the Cardijn College Captains. This Cup is awarded to the house that best exemplifies the Cardijn College motto of 'See, Judge, Act' in combination with our philosophy to 'inspire the best' in our students and the wider community. It is an achievement that represents the holistic efforts of a House at Cardijn College consistently throughout the year and in all areas of College life.

The Rijken Cup is awarded at the end of each year and is the most prestigious House award at Cardijn College.

Connection Activities

 We have created a number of different ways for students to remain connected with different areas of Cardijn life. We would like to challenge our students to engage in these activities to support their health and wellbeing, spiritual formation and service to others.


The connection and wellbeing activities available are:

  • Health Challenge (a video will be released each Monday explaining the challenge, see below)
  • #TogetherTuesdays wellbeing activities (a link to this activity is on SEQTA every Tuesday)
  • Prayer series with activities and challenges (a link is on SEQTA every morning)
  • Service Learning challenge (in the SEQTA notices every Monday)
  • PERMAH wellbeing activities (in the wellbeing section of the student handbook for remote learning)


By participating in these connection challenges, students also receive points towards the Rijken Cup for their house. All you need to do is send a photo or video of the challenge attempt to Let’s stay connected and continue working #Together.

Rijken Cup Points System