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Pedal Prix

Pedal Prix 2022

Cardijn College is looking to rebuild the Pedal Prix in 2022 and is in the process of enlisting the help from members of the wider school community. The College has two teams that compete in the HPV (Human Powered Vehicles) Series or Pedal Prix as it is more commonly known.

The first two races of the season are held at Victoria Park and are six hours in length while the final race for the season is 24 hours in length and is held at the Tailem Bend Race Circuit. This event has approximately 200 vehicles racing around the 1.7km track for 24 hours and is well-attended as well as live-streamed worldwide.
To ensure the 2022 season is successful, the Pedal Prix team needs people with the following skills to offer:
  • A desire to support students achieve a level of fitness and become involved in community sport
  • An interest in cycling, road or mountain bike or both
  • A desire to develop competitive teams
  • A desire to work with staff and parents to achieve success
  • The ability to organise and maintain pedal prix trikes
  • Current police check
To register your interest, please contact Mr Colin Ginn on 8392 9517 or

24 Hour Murray Bridge Race

Written by Roman, Year 8

Over 200 school teams competed alongside each other in the ultimate test, the 24-hour race! The 1.7km track comprised of bends, turns and hills - and all the teams gave it 110%. However, the team who came home with the win was Barking Mad from Mount Barker High School. The Cardijn trike Genisus, managed 473 laps while Southern blue completed 361 laps! A solid effort from both teams. The race went through the night where it started to really drop in temperature. The riders of the two teams put the pedal to the metal in this final race of the year, some riders even clocking in up to an hour of race time! It’s not every day a young group of scholars pedal individually for one whole hour in a trike!

Congratulations to all the 200 teams. A special thank you to Mr Ginn for making Pedal Prix possible for Cardijn College, Mr Hards for helping fundraise, the team managers and catering staff and all other parents and helpers as the races wouldn’t be possible without your help. Also special thanks to our sponsors, Fleurieu Embroidery, Down South Auto Repairs and Kennard’s Hire. Another successful accomplishment everyone can be proud of!
Until the next race!  


Ready Set Pedal!

Written by Roman, Year 8

On 17th of June, Cardijn College competed in an exhausting 6-hour race. The two teams consisted of students from different year levels cooperating to achieve greatness. The two teams (Southern Blue and Genesis) pushed hard, worked hard and pedalled even faster!

Southern Blue ranked 102nd (out of 150) and Genesis amazingly finished the race in eighth! Fantastic results from both teams.

The race was at Victoria Park racecourse starting at 10am with the first driver, Blake behind the Genesis trike (pictured). On this racecourse is a corner called 'crash corner', it is known for its immense amount of crashes! Both the Cardijn trikes unfortunately crashed! This crash was big as more than 50 cars were involved or damaged.

Our cheer squad was in full effect with sideline cheers and encouragement coming from everyone, even some furry friends! Both trikes performed extremely well, throughout the day! Working hard and pedalling even harder to the finish line putting in a fantastic effort and brilliant results!

Stay tuned until the next race!  

Ronan_fastest lap_web.jpg

Race 2 Loxton


Congratulations to the Pedal Prix Genesis team who finished 3rd in their category in Race 2 at Loxton. The team has been training hard for the 2017 Pedal Prix season and this is a great start to a very competitive competition in the senior secondary category. Congratulations to Ronan Jones (11FA) who pushed Genesis to record the fastest lap.

Well done!