Catholic Education South Australia

Italian Immersion


Every two years, Italian language students from Cardijn College have the opportunity to experience an immersion in Italy. The immersion provides the students with an opportunity to develop their language skills within the context of the Italian culture.

The itinerary is intensive. Starting with a few days in Rome including some study at a language school, they then travel to Sorrento where they will visit Pompeii, make their way to Orvierto and spend a few days at a farm house, visit Pisa, spend time in Florence and complete the tour in Venice - 17 amazing days!

The Italian immersion is a wonderful opportunity for the students to develop both their language skills and understanding of the Italian culture. The students are exposed to a wide range of experiences, but most importantly, they spend time speaking with the Italian people, learning about the culture and as an extra benefit gain valuable SACE credits as they complete targeted tasks that develop their skills.

We are sure that the students will have a great experience, and we look forward to the continuation of the immersion in future years.

Eve Lovett and Joseph Catania