Catholic Education South Australia

Mission and Values

Our Mission

Cardijn College is a Catholic school and our mission is to integrate our Catholic faith with the lives of our students, our staff and our parent body and to be a witness to our society of the presence of Christ in the world.

To achieve this mission, Cardijn is committed to providing a high-quality education which embraces the full human growth and development of its students. The school commits itself to establishing academic excellence in all endeavours and the staff endeavours not only to bring out the best in the students, but inspire them to bring out the best in themselves.

As a College we believe we are called to participate in the task of building authentic experiences of community in the school, the parish and the wider society. We do this through the process developed by Joseph Cardijn: in reading the sign of the times (SEE), judging this reality in the light of our faith (JUDGE) and reclaiming our fullness of being in Jesus Christ through action (ACT).

We believe Cardijn’s mission is also to support the responsibility that parents have as the prime educators of their children. Cardijn supports, complements and involves them in that process.

Cardijn will challenge families to grow in their faith commitment and develop with each other their Christian leadership through service to school, church and society.

We will also encourage the recognition of the individual’s dignity and self respect, a respect for their heritage and culture and a sense of hope and confidence in the future. Cardijn will facilitate and strive for the pursuit of excellence and skill according to the aspirations, talents and gifts of each student. Cardijn will encourage a life-long and life-wide searching for truth, drawing on the wisdom of the Church and the collective wisdom of humanity.


Our Values

We believe that the College environment plays a very important part in transmitting and living out the Christian message and Gospel values. At Cardijn, teachers, students and parents have an important role to play in this.

Our College believes that our values are displayed to our community:

  • The environment is characterised by respect for the dignity of each person, by justice and forgiveness and by the acceptance of differences, so that the unique value of each person is a lived reality.
  • The Catholic and Christian identity of Cardijn is clearly proclaimed and promoted by the whole community. A priority is placed on prayer, liturgy and service. Religious Education is given high priority in the curriculum.
  • The Christian spirit at Cardijn helps to foster good attitudes towards learning, cooperation at every level within the school community, mutual care among students and staff, respect for the dignity of every individual, fairness in competition, a genuine love of God, the integration of the message of Jesus into personal values and a sense of responsibility, trust and justice.
  • In addition, the College values the pursuit of excellence in Academia and Extra-Curricular activities and strives to be at the forefront of education delivery.