Financial Information

Financial Information


Cardijn College has an inclusive fee structure. Fee income is essential to providing the best education for your children and the operation of the College.

The billing system for 2017 will be as follows.

The entire year’s fee will be billed in February with an option to pay either in full by 31 March 2017 to obtain the 5% discount on the tuition portion of the fees or via direct debt.

For all families who do not elect to pay in full by 31 March 2017, a Direct Debit form will need to be completed. All direct debits will be administered through Paysmart.

The College fee structure comprises:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Composite Fee (covers all compulsory fees not covered in the Tuition Fee)

This fee includes a 24 hour basic insurance cover for each student and will cover the students whilst on Work Experience.

The fees for 2017 are listed below:

Year Level Tuition Fee Composite Fee Total
Year 8 $4200 $1180 $5380
Year 9 $4200 $1180 $5380
Year 10 $4790 $1180 $5970
Year 11 $5000 $1180 $6180
Year 12 $5000 $1180 $6180


Sibling Discounts
The following discount on Tuition Fee is given to families with more than one student at Cardijn:

  • 2 Students $900
  • 3 Students $2625
  • 4 Students or more free fees (which is equivalent to the Year 8 and 9 fees)

A further $250 reduction will be offered for each sibling attending a southern regional Catholic school. A separate application for this discount needs to be made via our Accounts Office, following which we will seek confirmation of the sibling enrolment at the regional Catholic school.

Advance Payment
If the entire annual fees are paid in full by 31 March 2016 there is a 5% discount available on the Tuition Fee element. This is in recognition of the assistance advance payment gives to the College’s cash flow. The discount is unavailable for fees which are already receiving discounts other than Sibling Discount.

School Bus
For all families living in the Sellicks, Aldinga, Willunga, McLaren Flat and McLaren Vale areas Cardijn College, in conjunction with Willunga Bus Charter, offers a bus service which assists families in transporting their children to and from school.

The cost for this service is $25.00 per week for full time users. This cost is reduced for students who use the bus on a casual basis.

If you require any information regarding the bus routes please feel free to contact Ben Romanowski from Willunga Bus Charter on 8556 2557.

Families in Financial Difficulties (including School Card eligibility)
The College’s fee policy ensures that all students are given the opportunity to succeed by offering:

Family Discounts

  • Significant fee remissions for families on low income
  • 50% fee remissions for students eligible for School Card

Families who do not qualify for School Card, but who feel they would have difficulty in meeting the fee payment requirements due to their circumstances, may also qualify for partial fee remission. Please contact the Business Manager Mr Johnny Ioannou on 8392 9500 to arrange an appointment to discuss your situation. All discussions and arrangements are in the strictest confidence.

College Laptop Program
In 2017 there will be an annual fee of $320.00 for families who elect to join the College Laptop Program. For further enquiries please contact the Finance Office.

Students who are absent from school for extended periods of time due to illness, injury or other reasons (eg. travel or family commitments) are still liable for payment of full tuition fees for the period of their absence.

Withdrawing from Cardijn College
A notification period of one term must be given prior to a family withdrawing a child from the College. A term’s fee will be charged if a child is withdrawn without the required notification. From time to time there are circumstances which prevent a family from giving adequate notification. The Principal or Business Manager, at their discretion, may waive the one term notification period. Your request must be presented in writing.

Further Enquiries

Please contact the Business Manager, Mr Johnny Ioannou, on 8392 9500 to arrange an appointment to discuss your situation.