Learning Enrichment

Cardijn College provides for the learning needs of all students.

Students with additional needs are supported through a program of inclusive education. Specialist settings for students with disabilities or specific learning needs are available.

Marist Centre: the Marist Centre is a specialist education facility supporting students with an intellectual disability in accessing an inclusive mainstream curriculum.

Lavalla Centre: the Lavalla Centre offers support and alternative learning experiences to students with specific learning difficulties and disabilities.

English as a Second or additional Language (ESL): Cardijn provides assistance for students whose families use languages other than English at home.

Gifted and Talented: Cardijn College endeavours to identify gifted and talented students and to provide stimulating educational experiences. Curriculum extension and extra-curricular opportunities are offered.

First Nations: First Nations students are able to access learning support and are given opportunities to access activities supported by Indigenous agencies and the Catholic Education Office.

Marist Centre

The Marist Centre is a nurturing environment for students with disabilities. The Centre is a specialist education facility supporting students with an intellectual disability in accessing an inclusive mainstream curriculum.

Students supported in the Marist Centre will study subjects including:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Health & Personal Development

Students also experience real-life educational experiences such as excursions and camps.

In the senior years, pathways for career options or further study are developed and students focus on completing their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

The Marist Centre Coordinator is Jaqui Moroney. For further information regarding the Marist Centre please contact the College on 8392 9500.

Lavalla Centre

Students with specific learning difficulties are catered for in the regular classroom and in a withdrawn setting. The Lavalla Centre provides a removed learning environment for individuals and small groups.

Identified students receive individual case management. Students access interactive software programs, resources and support.

Middle School students access programmed literacy and numeracy support and an opportunity for support with mainstream subjects.

In the senior years assistance is provide with mainstream subjects, subject selection and post school pathways planning.

English as a Second Language

Students whose families use languages other than English are eligible for ESL support. This is delivered in the classroom or in tailored learning sessions as individuals or groups.

The ESL support helps students with developmental English language needs and provides them with:

  • a more sophisticated vocabulary
  • a stronger focus on English grammar patterns and construction
  • better tense construction
  • a focus on punctuation and meaning
  • assistance in forming handwriting
  • assistance in cohesive writing
  • improved pronunciation and speech delivery. 

These and other language skills are developed in lessons conducted by a qualified ESL specialist teacher. Support takes place within the classroom or in alternative quiet locations to allow for individual focus.

For further information please contact the College on 08 8392 9500.

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