Sports Academies

Sports Academies

The Cardijn College Sports Academies have been established to assist students to achieve the highest levels of performance in their chosen sport, plus improve and develop their emotional and social health and wellbeing. Sports Academies are a dynamic, inclusive part of the Cardijn College curriculum and an important feature of the student’s academic journey.

Cardijn College offers Sports Academy programmes for the following four sports:


The philosophy of the Sports Academies is holistic in nature, meaning we aim to develop the whole person and player over the course of the program. The four key pillars reflected in the coaching principles and practice of our Academy coaches/teachers and what we expect to be instilled in our players include:

Enjoy the Game

It is essential that students who select a Sports Academy enjoy their sport as much as possible. If students enjoy or love the sport, there is generally a sense of excitement and eagerness to play in all aspects of their sport, but also to help others find enjoyment in the sport.

Champion’s Spirit

A student with a champion’s spirit displays positive sportsmanship and fair play and always demonstrates a high level of character and integrity. They are highly competitive but respect their opposition, and always plays by the rules in the spirit of the game.

Strong Work Ethic

A student with a strong work ethic is constantly looking for ways to challenge themselves to improve and accept challenges set forth by their coach/teacher. They embrace practice, training, and competition and have a willingness to work hard and the ultimate dedication to their craft.

Be a Great Teammate

A great teammate is someone who consistently shows a positive and energetic attitude regardless of the situation. A great teammate never places the blame or finds excuses and always makes others in the team feel valued. A great teammate leads by example and understands everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. A great teammate is willing to accept feedback from their coach or team and supports their team when things may not be going their way. 

Aims and Expectations


The program aims to provide students with sport-focussed opportunities outside of traditional health and physical education classes, where they develop knowledge and understanding of all aspects of athletic development which contribute to performance including: 
  • On-field/on-court skill development and acquisition
  • Sports nutrition
  • Injuries and rehabilitation
  • Fitness assessment
  • Performance analysis
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Sports biomechanics

Students in Sports Academy programmes are REQUIRED to:
  • Represent the College for training and competition in their academy sport
  • Participate in the Tenison-Woods Exchange (if selected)
  • Demonstrate a willingness, desire, and commitment to developing their own skills and knowledge within their sport
  • Display the four key pillars of the Sport Academy philosophy during class time and competition
  • Complete all structured assessments for all subjects, thoroughly and on time and understand this is part of upholding their commitment to the Academy
  • Be prepared for each lesson with appropriate uniform, footwear and equipment for their sport
  • Understand that being part of an Academy is a privilege.

In 2024, there will be a $100 levy (per Semester) for all Sport Academy classes. This levy will be used for on-site and off-site specialist coaching, guest speakers, strength and conditioning sessions, umpiring and coaching accreditations, excursions and transport. All Academy students will also be required to purchase (approx. $50) an Academy training top specific to their academy sport, which will be used during their time in the academy sport programme. 


All students who wish to be a part of a Sports Academy must complete an application form and submit it to the Academy High Performance Coordinator, Mr Dylan Hayes at

In 2024, the College introduced a new line of Academy Sport uniforms, which became compulsory for all students participating in Years 8-11 Academy Sport. Recognising the importance of maintaining a professional appearance while representing our Academies, these uniforms reflect our commitment to this standard. The uniforms are available for purchase through Blackchrome's online store. Students are given the the opportunity to try on sample sizes at the College during Term 4 before placing their orders online prior to the term's end for delivery early in Term 1.