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Financial Information

Financial Information


Tuition Fees
Cardijn College has an inclusive fee structure for students attending each of our three schools and is based on your child/children’s year level. Where a student is on a reduced FTE, an administration charge of $100 will apply. Where a student commences part way through the year, a portion of the relevant fees are charged.

Fees include a 24 hour basic insurance cover for each student.
School laptop lease: Please refer to your child’s individual agreement.

Payment of Fees

Annual fees are billed in February 2022.  Payment in full is required by the 31 December 2022.

Fees paid in full by the 12 March 2022 will receive a 5% discount applicable to the Tuition component only. Discount is unavailable for mid-year enrolments and fees which are receiving other discounts other than Southern Regional Sibling Discount.

Parents/Caregivers who choose not to pay in full by 12 March 2022 are required to set up a payment plan using the Cardijn College Direct Debit provider, PaySmart. Payments need to commence by 12 March 2022.

Payment plans may be: Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly

PaySmart Direct Debit Request Form

Cardijn College Annual School Fees

The fees for 2022 are listed below:
  Year 7 Year 8-9 Year 10 Year 11-12
Tuition Fee $2890 $4350 $4980 $5220
Composite Fee $1340 $1340 $1340 $1340
Total $4230 $5690 $6320 $6560

Discounts and Remissions

The following discount is given to families with more than one student at any of our three schools:
2 Students 11% (applies to Tuition only)
3 Students 20% (applies to Tuition only)
4 Students or more 33% (applies to Tuition only)
Note: Family Discount applies to all students across our three schools
School Card Discount - 50% on full fees
Early Payment Discount - 5% of Tuition fees

Southern Regional Sibling Discount
A further $280 reduction will be offered for each sibling attending one of our four Catholic primary schools in the Southern Vales upon application every year and confirmation of enrolment.

Willunga Bus Service

Should your child require the use of the Willunga Bus Service to enable them to get to and from school, an additional amount of $975 (which equates to $25 per week) on a full-time basis only will be invoiced in Term 1 and can be incorporated into regular direct debit payments.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Fees
The cost of VET courses is charged on an individual basis. Please refer to your child’s individual agreement.

Split Family Accounts
Accounts will not be split unless there is a legal requirement to do so. Parents are requested to make their own arrangements regarding payment of accounts. It is the legal responsibility of each signatory on the enrolment contract to pay all tuition fees. Dual statements can be arranged for enrolling parents on request.

Students who are absent from school for extended periods of time due to illness, injury or other reasons (e.g. travel or family commitments) are still liable for payment of full fees for the period of their absence.

Withdrawing from Cardijn College
A notification period of one term is required by the College.  Notification must be in writing to the Registrar.  Failure to provide the required notice will result in fees being charged for the following term. 

The Principal or Business Manager, at their discretion, may waive the one term notification period. However, your request must be presented in writing.

Fee Remission for School Card
All families eligible for school card are entitled to a 50% reduction in their Fees (inclusive of family discount).  Forms are available from the Finance Office or online at

All School Card remissions will be applied to fee accounts once approval has been received from the Department for Education. Families are advised that where school card is applicable, the balance payable after school card discount is to be paid either in full prior to 12 March 2022 or via regular direct debit commencing no later than 12 March 2022. 

Fee Remission for Families in Financial Difficulties

The College has a Fee Policy that supports families who are experiencing financial difficulties. To assist, you are encouraged to contact the Finance Department to discuss.

Depending on your personal circumstances, the following documents are required to assess your eligibility:

  • Application for Special Financial Consideration
  • Proof of income – ATO Full Taxation Return
  • Centrelink Income Summary Statement
  • Any other income documents e.g. Child Support, Rental Property Income
  • Proof of mortgage/rent repayments

All Fee Remissions need to be applied annually. All discussions and arrangements are in the strictest confidence.

Further Enquiries

Please ring the Finance Office (located at Cardijn College) on 8392 9500.