Financial Information

Financial Information 2024

Tuition Fees
This annual fee is based on your child’s/children’s year level. The fee is billed in full at the beginning of the year and can be paid up front or via direct debit throughout the year. The fee covers both the tuition aspect of your child’s education as well as some educational materials and resources for the year, including excursions and camps.

To keep additional billing for families down to a minimum we have endeavoured to make the fee as all-inclusive as we possibly can. A list of items not covered by this fee is detailed below.

Payment of Fees
Under the Terms of the Enrolment Agreement, signed by all enrolling parents/caregivers, payment of the full fees charged is required within the current school year and all family accounts are billed in line with the contractual enrolment forms signed by parents/caregivers when they enrolled their child/children at Cardijn College.

Fees for the 2024 school year will be billed at the beginning of the year. All Parents/caregivers who pay the entire year’s fees in full by the due date of 8 March 2024 will receive a 5% discount off the net Tuition Fee (tuition less family discount). This discount will only apply to families paying full fees. Where low-income discount or other fee remissions have been applied, families will be required to pay the full discounted amount with no further discounts provided.

Parents/caregivers either not wishing to, or not in a position to pay full fees by the due date are required to set up a payment plan using the College’s preferred payment plan provider PaySmart either in weekly, fortnightly, or monthly instalment amounts by 8 March 2024.

Financial Payment Plan 2024
PaySmart Direct Debit Request Form

Cardijn College Annual School Fees

The fees for 2024 are listed below:
  Year 7 Year 8-9 Year 10 Year 11-12
Tuition Fee $4230 $5690 $6320 $6560


Discounts and Remissions

Cardijn College offers the following family discounts for families with more than one student attending across our three campuses in the same school year:

Family Discount
Two Children 11% off tuition fees
Three Children 20% off tuition fees
Four Children 33% off tuition fees

School Card
All families eligible for School Card are entitled to a 50% reduction in their tuition fees(inclusive of family discount). Forms are available from the Finance Office or online at and must be applied for each year.
All School Card remissions will be applied to fee accounts once approval has been received from the Department for Education.
Families are advised that where school card is applicable, the balance payable after school card discount is to be paid either in full prior to 8 March 2024 or via regular direct debit commencing no later than 8 March 2024.

Southern Regional Sibling Discount
A $280 reduction is offered for each sibling attending one of our 4 Catholic Primary Schools in the Southern Vales.
Application forms are available from the office or on our website and must be completed each year.

Fee Remission for Families in Financial Difficulties
The College has a Fee Policy that supports families who are experiencing financial difficulties. To assist, you are encouraged to contact the Finance Department to discuss.

Depending on your personal circumstances, the following documents are required to assess your eligibility:

  • Application for Special Financial Consideration
  • Proof of income – ATO Full Taxation Return
  • Centrelink Income Summary Statement
  • Any other income documents e.g. Child Support, Rental Property Income
  • Proof of mortgage/rent repayments

All fee remissions need to be applied for annually. All discussions and arrangements are in the strictest confidence.

Other Costs and Incidental Charges

Parents/Caregivers are responsible for the payment of the following costs:

IT Device
Parents/Caregivers are referred to the Parent Handbook for all information on the requirements and purchase of IT devices for student use.

Willunga Bus Service
Should your child require the use of the Willunga Bus Service to enable them to get to and from school, an additional amount of $27 per week on a full-time basis only will be invoiced in Term 1 and can be incorporated into regular direct debit payments. An online registration form is available on our website and must be completed by 8 December 2023.

Replacement bus pass cards are $9.00 and can be ordered through the Finance Office.

Willunga Bus Service form

Laptop Repairs
The College, via the IT Technicians employed at Cardijn College, will deal with issues students have with their leased devices (not personal laptops) and repair damage where possible. Families will be charged a $100 excess fee which is payable before repairs commence.
Replacement Laptop Charger
Replacement laptop chargers can be purchased from the finance office for $40.00. The cost for these will not be added to family accounts.
Individual Music Tuition
All arrangements for musical tuition are agreements between families and the individual tutor(s) and do not involve the College.
Sports Academy Fees
From 2024, all students participating in our Sports Academies will be charged $100 per semester. This charge covers specialist coaching, guest speakers, strength and conditioning sessions, umpiring, and coaching accreditations, excursions & transport. In addition, all academy students are required to purchase an academy training top (approx. $50) specific to their sport, to be used during academy lessons.
After School Sports
Refer to the online Registration Form for individual sport costs.
Stationery Requirements
Students will be provided with a list of stationery requirements for their year level needs for 2024 by the end of the 2023 school year. Students are required to return to the College at the start of the 2024 school year with all the required stationery.
Replacement ID Cards
All students will be provided with an ID card at the commencement of the School Year. Cost to provide a replacement card is $9.00 per card. Payment for a replacement ID card will need to be made via the Finance Office before the new card is provided. The cost for these will not be added to family fee accounts.
Vocational Education and Training (VET) Fees
The cost of VET courses is charged on an individual basis. Please refer to your child’s individual agreement.

Year 12 Additional Costs
Items such as Year 12 Jumper, Year 12 Sports Top and Year 12 Dinner Dance tickets will need to be ordered and will require payment before collection.
Year 12 Graduation tickets will need to be ordered through an online booking system and paid for at the Finance office. The cost of these will not be added to family fee accounts.

Other Information

Separated Families
As previously mentioned, family accounts will be billed as per the signed enrolment form. Where this represents a separated family, the College expects the enrolling parents/caregivers to work out payment arrangements between themselves, ensuring all fees are paid. Any such arrangement will have no bearing on the joint and/ or separate liability that exists via the enrolment documentation.

Dual statements can be arranged for enrolling parents on request.

Cardijn College requires at least one term’s notice if you are withdrawing your child/children for a long period during the school year. Any reduction in fees payable during this period will need to be discussed with the College Business Manager (only negotiable for a period greater than one term in length). The College reserves the right to charge a nominal fee to hold the enrolment place during this period of absence.

Parents/Caregivers not advising the College of a long period of absence are expected to pay full fees to maintain enrolment at Cardijn College during this period.

Withdrawing from Cardijn College
A notification period of one full term is required by the College. Notification must be in writing to the Registrar. Failure to provide the required notice will result in fees being charged for the following term in accordance with our current fee policy.

Should a student be required to leave the College for any reason, the fee for the relative period of enrolment will be charged based on the number of weeks of attendance prior to officially leaving the College.


Finance Office Contact Information

Cardijn College Marian & Marcellin Finance Office
8392 9500