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Announcement from Cardijn College Board Chair, Mr Tim Ryan


Following the consideration of an incredibly high-calibre field of applicants, the search to find the next leader of Cardijn College has reached its conclusion.

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Happy Mother’s Day


Welcome to Term 2 and another very exciting and busy term ahead. It was terrific starting the term on Tuesday with nearly 100% attendance from students and staff when we were hit very hard with COVID absentees late last term. With the close contact rules changed and a further reduction in COVID restrictions for schools, we are really looking forward to the opportunity to bring the community back together. Our #ComeTogether focus is important to remind us that we can come together again at school...

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Make your vote count for our future!


Over the last few weeks we have seen horrific media reports and footage of the suffering in Ukraine. It seems so far away but also so close, broadcast into the living rooms of every Australian family. 

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I really am grateful for my fortunate life


One of my favourite books is Albert Facey’s book A Fortunate Life published in 1981, just nine months before he passed away at the age of 87. 

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Announcement from Cardijn College Board Chair, Mr Tim Ryan


Dear members of the Cardijn College community,

The vision for a Catholic college in the Southern Vales began with the efforts of a small group of people from the local parish communities. In 1984 this vision became a reality when a small team of staff established Cardijn College in a very modest new building in Noarlunga Downs with 102 students.

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In solidarity, we walk with the people of Ukraine


I know that you and I are very concerned about the events which are unfolding in Ukraine. Some would ask why this is happening, what are Russia’s motives and why should we be concerned? I was born at a time which coincided with the height of what we have come to know in history as the Cold War. The war between east and west which developed following the cessation of World War 2. The allies and the Russians having liberated countries from the tyranny of Adolf Hitler were presented with a demarcation of who occupied which territory in Europe. Hence the terms East and West referring to the former USSR and Eastern bloc countries and the USA and western bloc countries. Countries that would exist as democracies and countries which would be under communist rule. The Cold War also created a terror of a nuclear arms race with nuclear weapons on both sides aimed at East or West. Much has happened since the height of the Cold War in 1960s, in fact, the world has matured with societies/countries able to determine their destiny. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was formed in 1917 and Ukraine was one of the founding states of the USSR. Ukraine gained its independence in 1991 following the dissolution of the USSR.

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“You don’t find leaders, you form them.”


When I visited the staff room this week a teacher approached me to share what she had witnessed earlier this week.

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We have a great community of leaders


After two weeks we can welcome back all students on campus next Monday to the relief of parents, students and staff. Whilst we have been very lucky with the limited exposure to online learning compared to the experiences in Victoria and NSW, online learning has provided many challenges. As a school, I am very proud of the outstanding efforts of the teaching staff to make online learning as effective and productive as possible. Students have also responded well to the challenge. However, nothing replaces the face to face contact a teacher has with students. To be present and to connect is as important for our own wellbeing. We have come to realise that with presence, our other senses are important in picking up energy, non-verbals such as body language, eye contact and that special sense which is difficult when you are online.

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Reflect, Respect and Celebrate


In his Australia Day message, the Governor-General of Australia David Hurley listed three fundamental values which underpin our challenge as a nation – Reflect, Respect and Celebrate. These three values are so important today as we tackle new challenges due to the pandemic. There is no question that we are all suffering a form of COVID fatigue. Our world has been turned upside down, our hopes at each point have been dashed by setbacks. Everyone in our society is suffering in one way or another. So why would we be in the mood to reflect, to respect or to celebrate?

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Season's Greetings from Dr Paul Rijken


Season's Greetings from Dr Paul Rijken to our wonderful community.

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