Announcement from Cardijn College Board Chair, Mr Tim Ryan

28 February 2022

Dear members of the Cardijn College community,

The vision for a Catholic college in the Southern Vales began with the efforts of a small group of people from the local parish communities. In 1984 this vision became a reality when a small team of staff established Cardijn College in a very modest new building in Noarlunga Downs with 102 students.

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We have a great community of leaders

11 February 2022

After two weeks we can welcome back all students on campus next Monday to the relief of parents, students and staff. Whilst we have been very lucky with the limited exposure to online learning compared to the experiences in Victoria and NSW, online learning has provided many challenges. As a school, I am very proud of the outstanding efforts of the teaching staff to make online learning as effective and productive as possible. Students have also responded well to the challenge. However, nothing replaces the face to face contact a teacher has with students. To be present and to connect is as important for our own wellbeing. We have come to realise that with presence, our other senses are important in picking up energy, non-verbals such as body language, eye contact and that special sense which is difficult when you are online.

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COVID-19 Readiness - You CAN Ask That! episode two

21 July 2020

Earlier this year the SACE board answered a range of questions from SACE students about the impact of COVID-19 in their You Can Ask That! video.
As we begin Term 3, we are keen to come back together (at a safe social distance!) to share some new information with students.
In their second You Can Ask That! video, SACE Board Chief Executive Professor Martin Westwell and SATAC Chief Executive Officer Stuart Mossman revisit the same questions and provide updates on the ATAR, end-of-year exams, special provisions and VET. 

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COVID-19 readiness - you CAN ask that!

31 March 2020

We know the COVID-19 coronavirus is causing a great deal of uncertainty for SACE students.

Will students complete their SACE in 2020? Will the ATAR still go ahead? What about exams? Do Special Provisions apply with COVID-19? What about university entry?

We put these questions and others collected from students in South Australia and the Northern Territory to SACE Board Chief Executive Professor Martin Westwell, and SATAC Chief Executive Officer Stuart Mossman.

Using the same format as the ABC's You Can't Ask That, watch the You Can Ask That video below to hear Martin and Stuart answer students' concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on SACE and SATAC processes. Please circulate this video with your school communities.

Visit the SACE website to stay up-to-date on how the SACE Board is supporting students, schools and teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Unprecedented times ahead!

16 March 2020

As I was driving to school today along Lonsdale Highway, enjoying the amazing scenery of the southern coastline from the silence of my car, I was thinking of the unprecedented times we are experiencing right across the world. I have never encountered anything like this in my lifetime. It reminds me that we are living in fragile times. The devastating bushfires have taught us that we cannot take life for granted and that we live in times where circumstances can change quickly.

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Cardijn College to build $18.5M Senior School and Centre for Innovation

03 December 2019

The great Australian dream is to own your own home on a half-acre block. In this day and age, this has changed significantly as we live in times where land close to the centre of the city is very expensive and at a premium. Medium-density housing and apartments are becoming the new wave of modern living for Australia. Affordable housing continues to be the major challenge for governments as we wish to ensure the dream continues to be possible for our children and their children...

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Leadership Announcement

23 May 2019

We are pleased to announce that Patrick Harmer has been appointed as Deputy Principal at Cardijn College – Cardijn and Marcellin campuses.

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Marcellin Technical College now a campus of Cardijn College

08 November 2018

Cardijn College is pleased to announce that Marcellin Technical College has merged with Cardijn College and will be known as Marcellin Technical, a campus of Cardijn College. Marcellin Technical will continue to specialise in trade, vocational and technical education.

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Term 2 – That’s a wrap!

02 July 2018

Thriving communities are places with enormous energy and passion who make a difference in the lives of people.

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Fr Charles Gauci appointed Bishop of Darwin

28 June 2018

We are delighted to share the news that Fr Charles Gauci who served our community for the past 20 years, has been appointed by Pope Francis as the new Bishop of Darwin.

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