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Are Men Allowed to Cry?


Over the last week or so, the events of our times have finally gotten the better of me. I think I have always been a person with reasonable emotional intelligence and awareness. However, I have grown up in a lifetime where showing your emotions is seen as a form of weakness. In my 40+ years of service in the Army, I have always been aware that as an officer and leader you must always show strength, be calm and decisive, your soldiers depend on you and you need to demonstrate hope and strength. Do not ever let your guard down. It is true that as a male this is still very much part of our psyche, you must not show your emotion or cry as some believe this shows vulnerability and is not setting a good example...

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From the US election to the Pigeon in Adelaide


This past week has been a very interesting time with much of the media and world attention focussed on the US presidential election. I remember as a young boy in primary school learning all about the 50 states of America and their capital cities – I had to recite them from memory. Last week as I was watching the map of America on Fox News, with a sea of red and blue representing either Republican or Democrat states, it brought back memories of my childhood and questions about why was I learning this at school – American geography, really? Nonetheless, I was glued to the television watching the count and wondering what was going to happen. The US President is known as the leader of the free world and everyone across the globe is interested in this outcome. It will determine how the next four years will unfold. 2020 will be remembered in history as the year of the COVID-19 global pandemic but will also be known for the US presidential election. What I have witnessed is most disturbing as we see democracy challenged and people fundamentally divided. What we see is the divide of Team Trump and the Democrats, which has resulted in hate, violence, and a deep division in the psyche of the American people. We have also witnessed very poor leadership on the part of Team Trump. There is every right to bring matters to court regarding questions of the integrity of the voting process, but another to incite a narrative of fraud, a stolen election and being rigged. It is about every vote being counted.

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Dr Rijken recognised at the 2017 John Laing Awards


Dr Paul Rijken, Principal of Cardijn College and Marcellin Technical College, has been officially recognised for his dedication to education and professional learning in the 2017 John Laing Awards for Professional Development, managed by Principals Australia Institute.

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Principal's blog


Principal's Blog

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Congratulations Tyler!


Named in the 2017 Australian 17/U Netball Squad

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Project Compassion Launch 2017


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Open Night 2017


Everyone is welcome... hope to see you there!

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SACE Merit Ceremony


Congratulations Chelsea and Emily! 


Year 12 Graduation 2016!


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Art Show 2016


For more see our Year 12 Art Gallery

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