The Arts

Cardijn College holds an Arts Evening, ‘M.A.D. Night’, every second year showcasing each area of the Arts, with music and drama performances and visual art, design, and multimedia displays.

Cardijn also provides the opportunity for all drama students to perform to students from other year levels and outside the classroom. They are able to be part of the Drama Club, which includes working together as an ensemble with students from both the Middle School and Senior School. This encourages students to build confidence and self esteem in an enjoyable environment. 

In Year 12, students produce a senior production which showcases their many years of creative learning.

Visual Arts
Visual Arts offers opportunities for students to become actively involved in many aspects of art and design. The Art Club includes students from Years 8-12 who produce a variety of art and craft works and public art pieces. Students engage in community and national art competitions and can be a part of the Artist in Residence Program. At the end of each year senior students exhibit their major pieces showcasing their many skills and talents in the Art Show.

Extensive Music groups are offered at Cardijn which include Stage Band, Concert Band, Chorale, which has a membership of 70 students and Vocal Jazz for which students can audition. All groups practise both at lunchtimes and after school.