House System

House System

Student development often refers to the College’s educational involvement with students. The wellbeing of our students goes beyond the classroom. Our house system builds a team environment in which students can fulfil their potential.

Pastoral care is coordinated within each of the eight Houses: Chavoin, Chisholm, Faulkner, Kolbe, Lombard, MacKillop, Mitchell and Romero.

Cardijn has always had a strong tradition of pastoral care since its inception and the move to the house system was made many years ago. This focus on student development continues to provide excellent care for all of our students.

Homerooms are vertically grouped, meaning that each homeroom consists of students in Years 7, 8 & 9 in the middle school or Years 10, 11 & 12 in the senior years, still as part of the same House. This allows for peer mentoring from our older students, increased leadership opportunities and for each student to remain with the same homeroom teacher for a 3-year period.

Students build a strong sense of loyalty to their house and form strong relationships amongst many age groups. Each house, with its special spirit, looks to challenge, inspire and support students.

Student development will be coordinated within each of the houses by the following members of staff:

House Leaders

  • Chavoin - Ms Natalie Krause (Middle Years) and Ms Channelle Santucci (Senior Years)
  • Chisholm  - Ms Tanya Bode (Middle Years) and Mr Anthony Martin (Senior Years)
  • Faulkner - Mr Chris MacDonald (Middle Years) and Ms Katie Brown (Senior Years)
  • Kolbe - Mr Jack Clark (Middle Years) and Ms Anne-Marie Taylor (Senior Years)
  • Lombard - Ms Sue Stenson (Middle Years) and Mr Sam Muscat (Senior Years)
  • MacKillop - Mr Mark Huppatz (Middle Years) and Ms Michelle Burt​ (Senior Years)
  • Mitchell - Ms Amy Pearce (Middle Years) and Mr Daniel Rabbett (Senior Years)
  • Romero - Mr Andrew Puccio (Middle Years) and Ms Caroline Cienciala (Senior Years)