Student Leadership

Developing our students’ leadership capabilities is a key part of our community and we provide a number of leadership development opportunities.

Student Leadership

In the Charism of Joseph Cardijn who is quoted as saying, ‘the young worker is worth more than all the gold in the world’, so it is that Cardijn College espouses the fundamental truth of the dignity of the human person and of their work.

The student leadership roles within the College play an integral part in honouring the voice and presence of its student body, while celebrating the gifts and contributions young people make through their service to members of the school community.

Each student leadership role has a specific, distinct and unique focus and a collective responsibility of service to the College and to live out our College motto of ‘See, Judge, Act’.

Leadership Positions:

  • Year 7-9 leaders
  • Middle School College Captains
  • Middle School Mission Captains
  • Year 10 leaders
  • Year 11 leaders
    • House Vice Captains
  • Year 12 leaders
    • College Captains
    • Mission Captains
    • House Captains
    • Music Captains
    • Sports Captains
    • Drama Captains
    • Art Captains
  • First Nations Captains
  • Mission Vice Captains

The overarching purpose and presence of student leaders in the College is for students to;

  • help create and maintain a positive senior school culture that captures all stakeholders (students and staff)
  • have multiple opportunities to develop a ‘skill set’ and ‘mind set’ to be successful young leaders.

All Student Leaders are expected to;

  • be excellent ambassadors for the College
  • uphold the 5Cs at all times and be excellent role models for all students
  • present in correct uniform at all times
  • engage in the life of the College
  • give feedback to each year level’s homeroom. New agenda items can be discussed in homeroom to be presented at the next student leader meeting.
  • meet with house leaders/heads of the schools and their peers at various times throughout their appointment.