Music Programs

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Music Curriculum

The music curriculum at Cardijn College is multi-faceted catering for a diverse range of interests and abilities. The Music Advanced program offers students, who already play an instrument or sing, the opportunity to continue developing their skills in performance and musicianship. Entry to Music Advanced is by application and audition.

For students without prior experience but with an interest in music, the Music Experience course is an excellent choice. This course allows students to engage in learning basic skills on rhythm section instruments and develop skills in music appreciation. The third curriculum area is Music Media. This is for students who are passionate about music technologies and who may not have skills on a musical instrument. This course involves the use of technology to create and manipulate sound and can also involve recording and music production.

Co-Curricular Music

At Cardijn College, we offer a variety of ensembles to ensure your child builds confidence in playing the instrument of their choice. Ensembles are an essential part of a child’s music education. Being a member of an ensemble teaches teamwork and continues to develop and build on skills learnt in instrumental lessons. Think of ensemble training as a second free weekly lesson to support your child’s individual instrumental training.

While students are allowed to be involved in more than one ensemble and discipline; Vocal Jazz and Big Band for example, we do ask that students in Year 12, keep their ensemble commitment to a maximum of two ensembles. This can be negotiated with parental/carers consent and understanding.

Students in Years 7 – 11 can be involved in more than two ensembles however, this is done in communication with their parent/guardian.

Each of the ensembles meet weekly outside of school hours to work on music to be performed at various concerts, assemblies and liturgies including;

  • ABODA Festival
  • Catholic Schools Music Festival           
  • Essentially Ellington Festival
  • Adelaide Eisteddfod
  • College Ensemble Music Nights
  • Hopgood Theatre performances

Many of our ensembles are also utilised by our Year 12 students for the purpose of their SACE course studies in ensemble playing. This makes the commitment to that ensemble by those students not studying Year 12 even more critical.

Students who embark on the path of working in an ensemble should make sure they are prepared for at least a full year’s commitment to attending all rehearsals and performances.

For more information on Cardijn's Music Program, please view the information booklets linked at the bottom of this page.



Instrumental Music Program

The instrumental program is designed to support both the Ensemble Program at the college as well as those students participating in Advanced Music who wish to increase their knowledge and skill on their chosen instrument or wish to pick up a second instrument. It also supports those students who are part of the music experience/media/technology courses who wish to learn an instrument. Of course students outside of the program are also welcome to learn.

At Cardijn College we have a number of quality instrumental teachers, who are experts on their instruments.  Instrumental lessons are conducted weekly during school hours and generally run for half an hour.  (Lesson length and frequency can be negotiated by direct contact with the Instrumental teacher.)  Instrumental teachers provide a minimum of 16 lessons a semester. Reports are furnished at the end of each term to indicate your child’s progress.

Instruments currently taught at Cardijn include:

  • Woodwind: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone
  • Strings: Violin, Viola & Cello
  • Guitar: Acoustic, Electric & Bass
  • Percussion: Drums & Mallet Instruments
  • Piano: Classical, Jazz & Contemporary
  • Brass: Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba & French Horn
  • Voice: Jazz, Classical, Music Theatre & Contemporary

For more information please contact the Cardijn Music Department |


Advanced Music Performance Tuition (AMPT)

The Music Department at Cardijn College provides support to students who are passionate about music and learning. Part of the Advanced Music Curriculum is the Advanced Music Performance Tuition (AMPT) Program. This program covers the cost of lessons and instrument hire for students who are learning a second instrument.

The AMPT program is open to students in Years 7 to 9 and offers lessons on trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, and saxophone (for students with a minimum of one year of clarinet experience). Students enrolled in the program are expected to attend lessons, practice regularly, take care of their instrument, and be positive ambassadors for the Music Department. They must also join an ensemble after 6 lessons, treat tutors with respect, perform whenever their ensemble performs, and demonstrate the Marist Charisms and those of Joseph Cardijn.

Enrolment in the AMPT program is capped, and students who fail to meet expectations may be asked to discontinue the program. Advanced Music students are automatically enrolled, but others can express interest by emailing If positions are not available, students may opt for private lessons (at a cost) or be placed on a waiting list.

The AMPT program has been running for 8 years and has a successful track record, with many students moving on to become music teachers and performers on their new instruments. It is perfect for students who are eager to explore and deepen their musical interests and skills.


Other Opportunities

Cardijn College also offers additional opportunities for students interested in other areas of music and sound. Cardijn has a connection with Arch D Radio and students are able to engage in this program as radio hosts, music producers, music programmers, sports reporters and more. The radio shows are produced and aired on Life FM. This opportunity is open to students in all year levels and there is no prior knowledge required.

Cardijn College also offers music students opportunities to perform in the wider community through many local community events. Students have the opportunity to audition for the Catholic Schools Music Festival where successful acts perform at the Festival Theatre. There are also a number of opportunities through the Onkaparinga Council that can lead to workshop and performance opportunities in the wider community.