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Digital Distraction: A Realtime Problem for Our Digi Kids


Today I celebrate 16 years as principal of Cardijn College. Some may say that is a very long time when the next longest principalship at Cardijn was six years. In fact, many of my colleagues who began in a principalship about the same time have already moved to different schools or retired from the principalship. 16 years coupled with 13 years as a teacher brings the total to 29 years of service to the Cardijn College community. My blog post this week however is a reflection on the changes that I have seen in these last 16 years and the impact these changes have made. When I began as principal in 2005, the school had an enrolment of just over 600 students. In 2021, we have a school enrolment of over 1750 students and two new campuses. The staff numbers have grown to over 240 and our prediction for next year is that our school numbers will eclipse 1830 students and 255 staff. We have seen capital developments across all three campuses totalling $35M with another immediate commitment of $15M to planned projects in the next 24 months...

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We Are Prepared and Ready!


Just as we are beginning to enjoy a level of normalcy, including interstate travel, going to the football, attending big festivals and thinking that we might be back to normal in most respects, we are again bracing ourselves for the potential of further disruption and lockdowns due to the Coronavirus. 

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Across Australia we will recognise National Reconciliation Week from 27 May to 3 June with this year’s theme “More than a word. Reconciliation takes action”.

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The Gospel in Four Sentences


Some time ago, Fr Philip Marshall, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Adelaide introduced the Gospel in four sentences. He said: 

1. Everybody matters, absolutely
2. Every broken heart and relationship are to be mended and every captive heart set free
3. Everyone is created for joy and life to the full
4. All humanity and creation are to be a glorious and eternal song of joy

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Lest We Forget


On Sunday we commemorate ANZAC Day and remember those who have fallen in war and those who have served our nation. 

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Take Action Together – “Bullying, NO WAY!”


This week the focus at Cardijn College has been our support for the national action against bullying and violence. 

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200 Years of Catholic Education – Beyond ‘Toward 2025’


Can you remember any significant birthdays in your life? I remember my 13th birthday and my parents organised a wonderful party which I looked forward to.

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Stand up and be counted – a message for all students


This week I was privileged to attend the opening mass and liturgies at our Galilee and Cardijn campuses.

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How to measure success at school


This week I was very privileged to be invited to attend the SACE Merit Ceremony at Government House for students who were awarded the Governor’s Commendation for the SACE and those students who achieved two or more merits in their 2020 Stage 2 subjects. Cardijn College is delighted to have two students out of 26 students who were awarded the top Year 12 SACE award. We congratulate our Dux of the College Wes Weetra and 2020 Mission Captain and Joseph Cardijn Award winner Gabby Connolly. Cardijn College students in Years 11 and 12 received 22 subject merits across a range of subjects. The subject merit is an additional recognition for students who achieve the highest grade in their subject which is an A+. At Cardijn, 68 Stage 2 subjects received an A+ with over 38% of all Stage 2 grades at an A level. That is an amazing result from the students in 2020. Equally, at our technical and vocational campus, all Year 12 students achieved their SACE and over 80% were able to move into an apprenticeship or job, when the national average is just over 5%...

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What is your New Year’s resolution for 2021?


This week school officially began on Wednesday 27 January and it seems such a long time since we welcomed the New Year. I am not sure how you celebrated New Year’s Eve but for me, it was decidedly different. Traditionally we would head to Glenelg, have dinner at our favourite restaurant and then to Moseley Square to enjoy the festivities and wait for the fireworks. Instead this time we stayed at home, cooked our own delicacies and enjoyed a fine wine, watched TV and saw the new year arrive from home. I think that this was the norm across most of the country with significant restrictions still in place due to the Coronavirus...

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